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Credit unions and banks

  In this edition of Let’s Talk About Money, we are looking at the credit unions’ roots and exploring who we are, why we exist, and the main differences you can expect from traditional banking institutions.   Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear winner when it comes to comparing credit unions and banks. Both have their… Read more »

Saving with us just got better…

  Recently, we issued a survey to identify your wants and needs when it comes to savings accounts. This was to assist us in understanding if there are any products we could offer or changes we could make to better suit our members. You spoke, we listened, and we’ve already begun to make some changes…. Read more »

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Exploring Cryptocurrency

    Subscribe to our monthly “Let’s talk about money” newsletters here!    From its conception in 2009, Cryptocurrency has seemingly stuck around far longer than some people anticipated and awareness of it has risen in recent years. The market capitalisation of Cryptocurrency has seen a huge increase in the past ten years, from $1bn… Read more »

Understanding joint accounts

    Subscribe to our monthly “Let’s talk about money” newsletters here!    Opening a joint account can be a significant financial decision for people looking to navigate their financial lives together. Legal and General claim that two-thirds of cohabiting couples have a joint account and half of the remaining people would potentially share all… Read more »

How to keep safe online

    Subscribe to our monthly “Let’s talk about money” newsletters here!  In our modern tech-driven world, staying savvy about financial scams and keeping safe online is more important than ever. Scams are fraudulent schemes that trick people into parting with their personal details or cash.  Financial scams come in a variety of shapes and forms, from fake… Read more »

Celebrating the coronation

  The Coronation of His Majesty The King will take place on Saturday 6th May at Westminster Abbey, London, conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. His Majesty King Charles III will be crowned alongside Camilla The Queen Consort. In anticipation for the coronation, members of the public have been asked to swear allegiance to the new… Read more »

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Saving for summer

      Subscribe to our monthly “Let’s talk about money” newsletters here!  As the days get warmer it is a clear indication that summer is just around the corner. We’ve collated a few different ways you could save money this summer in your home, for parents to keep their kids entertained, or even booking… Read more »

Understanding GAP insurance

    Subscribe to our monthly “Let’s talk about money” newsletters here!  GAP insurance could save you from an unexpected bill if you needed to make an insurance claim for your car, but is it worth buying this extra car insurance policy? In this article, we’ll give you an overview of what GAP insurance is,… Read more »

Lifestyle inflation

      Subscribe to our monthly “Let’s talk about money” newsletters here! Lifestyle inflation (also known as lifestyle creep) may be a new concept for some, but it’s a concept which is being discussed more and more. The term lifestyle inflation refers to when you increase your household spending as your income grows. With prices… Read more »

Understanding credit cards and overdrafts

  Credit card and overdraft rates have hit record highs in the UK. We’re hoping to help explain the key differences between the products to help you get a better understanding of how they work, what they cost, and the main benefits and risks. In this article, we dive into these two borrowing options which… Read more »