Grab your lilo, it’s time to go on holiday!


Imagine yourself floating in a pool, in the sun, wearing your shades… is that your idea of the perfect summer holiday? Whether you enjoy sunbathing on a beach, or love exploring new countries, now may be the perfect time to bag yourself a getaway deal. That is why we’re here to remind you of our Holiday Loan.

Why choose a Holiday Loan?

You can borrow up to £10,000 over a maximum period of 10 months – this ensures you will have repaid your loan before you book your next summer holiday!

The interest rate on the Holiday Loan is 10.9% APR – we don’t charge representative rates meaning our products are clear and transparent. All members enjoy the same great rate, don’t forget all our loans are based on affordability and not your credit score alone!

Start looking for great holiday deals – we aim to get back to you with a loan decision within two working days (obviously wait till the loan is approved before booking anything!).

So if you are planning on booking a holiday, why not view our Loan Calculator? You can see how much repayments could be and if it’s the solution for you.

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