Manage your money through payroll deduction

We were created by the police, to help the police. We offer a range of savings, loans and mortgage options available to anyone employed by the UK Police Force. We help our members to save and borrow, directly from their payroll. This means savings and loan repayments are taken care of before your salary hits your bank account, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Membership with No1 CopperPot Credit Union

✓  Save between £5 – £1,000 direct from your payroll each month
✓  There is no fee or charge to become a member of the Credit Union
✓  Request to withdraw your savings for free at anytime
✓  You can change the amount you save whenever you wish
✓  Once you become a member, you can apply borrow from the Credit Union should you ever need to




See how your savings could build up over time when you save with us through payroll deduction… 

Helping your borrowing needs

Our Limited Edition Loan is only available from 1st July – 31st July to new and existing No1 CopperPot members. Not a member? You can join the Credit Union today!

✓  Guaranteed rate for all members (even new members) as the rate is not based on your credit score
✓  Loan calculator allows you to work out how much your repayments would be and if its affordable
✓  Interest is accrued on a reducing balance
✓  Overpayments and early repayments can be made at no added cost
✓  Repayments can be made direct from payroll (in 28 forces)
✓  It could help you to fund home improvements, a new vehicle, or a life event
✓  Available to anyone eligible to join the Credit Union, new and existing members are welcome