Discontinued Accounts

The following products have been discontinued and are no longer available to open as a new account.

If you still have one of the savings accounts that we have previously offered, such as our Individual Savings Account (ISA) or Notice Plus Account, you can still find all the information you need about them online. You can view their rate of return, information on how to withdraw funds and how your funds are protected.

ISA and Notice Plus Account holders are welcome to keep their funds in these accounts if they wish and will continue to earn a return on these savings, however additional funds cannot be added. If you are looking to save more into the Credit Union, you may be interested in opening a Reserve Account, or saving more into your Member Account or Family Member Account.


  • Notice Plus Account
    Our Notice Plus Account requires members to give at least 90 days notice when withdrawing funds.
    Notice Plus Account
  • ISA
    Our ISA allows members to earn a quarterly interest payment, completely tax free.
    Individual Savings Account
  • Savings Rates
    Do you want to see our previous dividend rates and the interest rates that we're currently paying?
    View our rates