The following products have been discontinued and are no longer available to open as a new account.

Members who hold a discontinued savings account with us, such as our Notice Plus Account, or Individual Savings Account (ISA) are welcome to keep their funds in the accounts and will continue to earn a return on these savings, however, they are not able to add additional funds. If you are looking to save more into the Credit Union, you may be interested in increasing your contribution into your Member Account or Family Member Account.

To view the dividend paid on the Notice Plus Account or the current interest rate on the ISA, please click here. Funds held in the accounts are covered by our Life Protection, up to £40,000, and the FSCS, up to £85,000.

To withdraw from these accounts, you can email us, call the office, or log into your online account. Please note: once funds have been withdrawn from the account, they cannot be replaced.