Adding to your basket

When shopping online, it’s easy to save something you like to your wish list or add it to the basket, then before you know it you’ve got a hefty shopping bill. Due to the wide variety of options available online, it’s easy to see lots of different items you might want but not necessarily need. One top tip to stop impulse buying online is to wait two or more days before purchasing the item you want. The thought behind this is simple, if you don’t think about the item again within that period, you don’t really need it!

When you visit a website sometimes you might get a pop-up that offers you a discount if you sign up to their mailing list, once you’ve received the email you could then unsubscribe. Another tip is to sign in when thinking about purchasing something, once you’ve added the item(s) to your shopping cart leave it for approximately 23-48 hours as some companies will email you with a discount code to complete your purchase. 

Shop around!

If you have a specific item in mind then make sure you shop around! If you look online you’re likely to find lots of different versions of the same product at different prices. 

Additionally, you could look for coupons. Some companies have introductory offers which could land you a discount off your order. Although this isn’t always guaranteed, it’s always worth a look.

Return or sell

We know it’s easy to forget to return an item, especially if it’s a small purchase, but they all add up! If you purchase something that doesn’t fit, make sure you check your receipt for the returns policy. 

Did you know that if you have exceeded the return window but the item still has tags on, you might be able to still return it for store credit? Failing this, try selling your items on a website such as eBay or Depop to make a few extra pounds.

Shopping lists

Lists can help you keep to a strict budget whilst you are shopping. When at home if you keep a notepad close to your refrigerator or cupboards you can easily write down the things you have run out of. This way when you go shopping, you can cross off each item and not deviate from the list.

Another tip for a strict budget is to take out cash when doing your weekly shop. This can help to make sure you do not overspend as you can only spend the amount you have taken out. Also look at supermarkets that offer a scan & go service so you can keep an eye on the running total whilst shopping.