You are a member of the Credit Union, not a customer


Together, members create a community with a common goal; to help one another financially. Members savings are pooled together to create an opportunity for others to borrow affordably and fairly, either through loans or mortgages. The interest charged on lending contributes toward the Credit Union’s profits and surplus profits which are shared with members every year, in the form of a dividend. Dividends are usually paid following our Annual General Meeting (AGM).


The AGM is one of the most important days in the Credit Union’s calendar. It allows Directors and members to come together and have their say on what matters. Members of the Credit Union are entitled to a vote at the AGM as every member has one vote, regardless of how much they hold in savings. Voting gives you the chance to help make key decisions which could make a real difference to your Credit Union. We pride ourselves on being a mutual organisation and welcome members to become involved in our AGM’s.


Key documents for the 2023 AGM