Cookie Policy

Effective from: 30th July 2020

What are cookies?

A computer cookie is a small piece of data which sits on your computer or mobile device to keep track of your visits and activity. This website ( uses cookies to help you with your online experience, to help us recognise visitors/members on subsequent visits or to authorise other designated websites to recognise you for a particular purpose.

Most cookies are session cookies, lasting only for the duration of your visit and are deleted when you close your browser. There are two types of cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies.


Session cookies

Session cookies keep track of what you’re doing on a website and how you’re interacting with it. The main purpose of session cookies is to give the website owner an understanding how people use their website. Here’s an example of information gathered from session cookies, although this list is not exhaustive:

  • The country and area of which you have accessed the website
  • Your preference in terms of accessible viewing options
  • The amount of time you spend browsing on the website
  • A unique ID to track your session from page to page, which is vitally important should you sign into the site
  • Analyse the effectiveness of our website or advertisements
  • Which page you are looking at within a multi-paged index of content, or search results.


Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies last beyond the session and gain a better understanding of the user. A persistent cookie will keep track of how you found a website, where you visited after and create a map of information to gain a better understanding of its users, beyond its own website. Persistent cookies give website owners a better understanding of who’s using their website, alongside how they’re accessing it. We use our own cookies and third-party cookies to gather this information, although the below list is not exhaustive, here are some examples of persistent cookies:

  • How you found our website e.g. search terms or external website links
  • The option to remember your username when signing into the site.
  • The fact that you may have voted in a poll, so that you are prevented from voting multiple times
  • Provide you with adverts which may be relevant, based on web history or demographics.


Understanding how you interact with our emails

We use MailChimp when sending email campaigns, this includes both informative and marketing emails. MailChimp uses open tracker graphics or web beacons, similar to cookies, to allow us to gather data such as how many people open the emails, how many people click on links, and which links are clicked. These tracker graphics/beacons help to give us a better understanding of how people interact with our emails to allow us to improve them if needed. These only track your movement during your interaction with the email, but it does offer a breakdown to see how each recipient has interacted with each email.


Targeting/advertising cookies

We use these cookies to deliver adverts relevant to you and your interests. These can be targeted based on the pages you have visited within our website, your search terms on search engines, or simply because of your interests and/or demographics. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. These don’t include personally identifiable data but allow us to advertise to people who may benefit from or have an interest in our services.

From time to time, we may embed external content from third party websites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) within our website. This also includes our webchat service provider Intercom. These websites/platforms may utilise cookies and the Privacy Policy that will apply to such third-party content will be published on the website of that third-party content provider.

We use Google Analytics to allow us to track how popular our site is and to record visitor trends over time. Google Analytics uses a cookie to help track which pages are accessed. The cookie contains no personally identifiable information, but it does use your computer’s IP address to determine where in the world you are accessing the site from, and to track your page visits within the site.

We also use Google Ads and Google Display Advertising to advertise to you on other platforms such as search engines, websites, and social media. These are targeted based on where you have visited on our website or the search terms you use on search engines.


Your cookie preferences

Any changes in this policy will become effective when we make the revised policy available on our website. Any personal information that we collect through cookies is obtained through transparent notice to you and through your consent. 

You can withdraw consent from accepting cookies on our website if you wish to do so. This will stop us from collating session and persistent cookies from you, but the previous data we have collected from you may still exist. If you choose to withdraw consent for cookies from our website you may still view adverts/links of our on other websites as this is done through cookies you may have accepted on other websites such as Google, Facebook or other websites.


Information on third-party cookies

Below are the cookie policies on some of the key third parties we use:


You are welcome to review our full Privacy Policy if you would like further information about how we use your data. If you have any further questions please contact us at