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Do you want to save for the future? Our Five-Year Regular Saver allows you to save between £10 and £250 per month and receive these accumulated funds as a lump sum in five years time. This account will earn a premium dividend over the term. 



✓ You must be aged 18 or over. 
✓ You must be a member of No1 CopperPot Credit Union, by having a Member Account or Family Member Account open. If you are not a member, please ensure you apply for membership first before applying for a Five-Year Regular Saver.



This account may be suitable if:This account may not be suitable if:
✔ You are looking to save over a five-year term and do not want access to your funds.
✔ You have between £10 and £250 available to save each month.
✔ You want to ensure your capital is not at risk.
✔ You are happy to receive an annual dividend which is reflective largely of Credit Union profitability and can change year on year.
✗ You have a lump sum that you wish to invest.
✗ You want to know the guaranteed rate of return in advance.
✗ You cannot commit to saving between £10 and £250 each month for five years.
✗ You may need access to your savings.
✗ You are looking for a tax-free savings option.


Key features

  • The account begins on 1st January 2024 and matures on 31st December 2028.
  • Monthly savings contributions must be between £10 and £250 per month.
  • As part of membership with No1 CopperPot, you are required to save at least £5 per month into your Member Account in addition to any other savings account.
  • This account is paid a dividend which is a sum of money paid regularly (typically annually) by an organisation to its members or shareholders from any surplus profits.
  • Please be aware this product is fixed for a 5-year period, and you cannot make withdrawals within this time.
  • You may close the account during the five-year term, however any premium accrued will be forfeited.
  • Please be aware that due to the funds being transferred from your Member Account into the Five-Year Regular Saver on the 1st of every month, you must ensure the funds are available in your Member Account on the due date. Failure to do so will result in the account being closed and you losing dividend accrued.
  • Life Protection is included up until your 65th birthday. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Please also refer to the general terms and conditions of Credit Union membership.

Key Product Information Summary Box

Please read the Five-Year Regular Saver Terms and Conditions before application.

Account nameFive-Year Regular Saver
What is the duration of this product? This account will open on 1st January 2024, and it will mature on 31st December 2028.
How much can I save?You must pay in between £10 and £250 each month.
How do I open an account?You can open an account on our website, or by contacting us over the phone. You can manage your account through all channels including email, the members area on our website or on our app. Funds can be saved via payroll or pension deduction (available in over 30 forces), or by Direct Debit.

Funds will be transferred from your Member Account into the Five-Year Regular Saver on the 1st of every month. You will need to ensure that your funds are available to transfer. This also applies to the first payment to open your account.

What if I don’t have my funds available in time?Failure to have your funds available for the date of transfer (1st of each month) will result in the account not being opened or an active account being closed, and dividends accrued will be forfeited.

If an account is closed due to missed contributions, the funds will be transferred to the Member Account. From the date when funds are transferred back to the Member Account these funds will start to earn the dividend applicable to the Member Account, forfeiting any premium.

Can I change the amount I save?The amount you choose to save can be amended on an annual basis at any time but only once during the calendar year. For example, you could increase your regular saving from £100 to £150 but any increase or decrease can only be undertaken once per calendar year.  If you do not make a monthly payment, the account will be closed and the funds transferred to your Member Account, and you will lose all dividend accrued.
What is the dividend rate? The Five-Year Regular Saver will receive a dividend which is a minimum 0.5% premium over the Member Account dividend rate. The dividend rate will not be advised in advance as it is based on future surplus.
Is the dividend rate likely to change? Once the dividend has been agreed at an AGM it cannot be changed but it may vary each year.
Can I withdraw money?This product is fixed for a five-year period, and you cannot make withdrawals within this time.
Cancellation periodYou have 14 days from the date that your account is opened within which to cancel it.  This is your cooling off period.  If you wish to cancel, please contact us by phone, email, in person, or by writing to us.  You can call us on 0161 741 3160, write to us at Slater House, Oakfield Road, Cheadle Royal Business Park, Cheadle, Stockport, SK8 3GX, or email us at
Closing my Five-Year Regular SaverIf you close the Five-Year Regular Saver, you will forfeit any premium accrued and the funds will be transferred to your Member Account or your nominated bank account. You will need to contact us if you wish to close your account at any stage, this can be done by phone, email, in writing, or through your online members area.

In the case of death, the account will be closed with immediate effect. Any dividend already credited to the account will be paid as part of the settlement. No further dividend will be paid as dividend payments can only be paid to active members. If applicable, the Credit Union will discuss any payable Life Protection and how to proceed, subject to terms and conditions.

Ending membership with the Credit UnionIf you terminate your Credit Union membership before the maturity of your Five-Year Regular Saver, you will not receive any dividend payment on previous savings held with the Credit Union. Dividend payments can only be paid to active members.
Additional informationEach adult member can hold a maximum of £40,000 savings across all our accounts.

Your savings contributions will continue after the Five-Year Regular Saver matures unless you amend your Direct Debit or payroll/pension deduction accordingly. After this has matured, your savings will be placed into your Member Account unless specified otherwise.

Your savings may be subject to taxes which are not paid or imposed by No1 CopperPot. For more information, please visit

Statements are issued annually. This is done via an email with a link to the online members areas which provides access to all statements. Members without an email address will be issued a paper version via post. All members can request a paper version if that is their preferred method of receipt.


Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions 

Five-Year Regular Saver Terms and Conditions

See how much you could save

Please note that the calculator below does not include any dividend payment you would receive, it is for illustrative purposes only to help you decide how much to save.

How much can you afford to save each month?


Savings after 5 years


You’re covered with Life Protection

Life Protection is included with all our savings accounts and covers you up until your 65th birthday. This does not cost you anything, it is simply another benefit of saving with the Credit Union.

Your savings are protected up to a maximum of £40,000 per member. This means your savings could be doubled in the event of death, subject to our terms and conditions. It is also included with our borrowing products and covers you up until your 70th birthday. It protects up to a maximum borrowing of £40,000 per member, this means that your loan could be cleared, ensuring that your debt does not remain outstanding, subject to terms and conditions.

All benefits are paid at the discretion of our Board of Directors. Life Protection is not an insurance policy and is not guaranteed. For more information please click here.

Your savings are protected by the FSCS

Your eligible deposits with No1 CopperPot Credit Union are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK’s deposit guarantee scheme. For further information about the compensation provided by the FSCS, refer to the FSCS website at


We are also covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).