The application deadline for this account is 1st September 2024.

Important Points to Note

  • This account begins on 1st October 2024 and matures on 28th September 2029.
  • You must ensure sufficient funds are available for the 1st working day of each month for the duration of this account. You may need to contact the office to make a payment if you have insufficient funds.
  • This product is fixed for a 5-year period, and you cannot make withdrawals within this time. You may access your funds by closing the account, however this will affect the dividend you receive.
  • The availability of this account is limited. We may stop accepting applications at any time.

Read the T&Cs

Please ensure you have read and understood both the Savings General Terms and Conditions and the Five-Year Regular Saver Terms and Conditions October 2024 before completing this application form.

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Personal Details

Savings Method

Funds must be available in your Member Account ready to transfer across on the 1st working day of each month. You can call the office and make a deposit, if needed. Failure to have funds available will mean your Five-Year Regular Saver will not open, or close early.
Please enter a number from 10 to 150.
Please enter a number greater than or equal to 5.

If you currently save through payroll or pension deduction or Direct Debit, then you will continue to save into your Five-Year Regular Saver using the same method.

Important Information

I am happy for my savings contributions to change in August or September, ready for the October launch date.*
I understand that I cannot make withdrawals from this account during the five-year term, therefore I must have sufficient emergency funds in place elsewhere if needed.*
I understand that if I close this account before the end of its five-year term I will retain premium dividends already paid. However, I will not be paid any premium dividends which has not already been credited to the account.*
Please tick to confirm you have read and understood the terms and conditions*
Please tick to confirm that you have read the FSCS Information Sheet and Exclusions List*