Highlights of the 2023 AGM


This year, we were able to bring a more immersive and member-centric approach to our Annual General Meeting. We live streamed our AGM via our mobile app so that we could include even more of our members. All of our valued members had the opportunity to watch our CEO – Caroline Domanski MBE, CFO – Lisa Ridgway and our Chair – Steve Morley talk about another great year of growth.

Being a member of No1 CopperPot Credit Union means you’re not just a customer; you’re part of our community and your opinion matters!

Following the successful financial year, we are pleased to announce the following dividend rates


A message from our CEO

During the AGM, Caroline provided an overview of the previous financial year, focusing on the growth we’ve seen and the impact this has had for our members.

“No1 CopperPot has had a remarkable year, characterised by lending growth, building partnerships and continued dedication to our members. We remain committed to our mission in helping members to achieve their financial goals, even in the face of economic challenge. Together we navigate the path ahead, with innovative new products that build a stronger financial future for our members in the police community.”

“I would like to express my gratitude to our members for their loyalty and trust in us to meet their financial needs and more importantly keeping us safe through the important roles they do.”

– Caroline Domanski MBE, CEO.


This year was marked with positive growth and significant achievements. Here are some notable occasions from this year:

  • We now have over 40,000 members across England and Wales, making us the largest police exclusive credit union in the UK.
  • Our lending book grew by over 12% and our mortgages grew by over 30%. This growth demonstrates that we continue to offer a well-trusted helping hand to our members.
  • We welcomed Cleveland Constabulary and South Yorkshire Police to our growing list of payroll partners, allowing more members the opportunity to save effortlessly to help build their financial resilience.

Thank you to our members for their loyalty to the Credit Union, and their work and dedication within the police service. We look forward to many more successful years ahead!