It’s 2018, step up your game


It’s time for a change

Everyone always seems to have the same aim each year – “new year, new me”. But if you don’t change anything, how is it a “new you”? Maybe 2018 is time for change. Perhaps you may want to travel to somewhere different on holiday, try a new look or maybe even strive for that promotion? It’s 2018, aim high. If your finances are the only thing holding you back this year, let this be the year you sort them out and get to where you want to be. 


Top tips for 2018

  • Increase your monthly savings (even if it’s just by a small amount)
  • Review your bills and look to save money wherever possible
  • Cut your spending on high interest credit cards
  • Cancel any unused contracts (e.g. gym, TV or music streaming)
  • Think to yourself… do you really need to buy it?


Save for your children 

As every parent knows, taking care of children isn’t cheap. And when they grow up it doesn’t change either. There’s driving lessons, University fees and they may even need help with their mortgage deposit. Maybe you should start saving sooner rather than later? Look at opening a Junior Account for them. 


Save more for yourself!

Go on, you can do it! Whether it’s an extra £5 or £10 each month, it all adds up. You can either increase the amount you save into your Member Account, or we even have an additional savings account called the Reserve Account, which you could use to save for something special.


Struggling to juggle your debt?

If you’re struggling to repay debts where interest rates are high, consolidating your debts into a loan with a cheaper interest rate could help you. Do the maths and see if it could help you. Visit our Member Loan page to use our loans calculator.


Do the maths

It’s important to review your income and outgoings to understand where your money goes. Think of it as an exercise for your wallet! You’re welcome to use our budget planner to do this.


Whatever you need to do, get yourself on track for a fantastic 2018!