Let’s talk about money saving tips


We’ve compiled a list of money saving tips to help keep costs down as we approach the winter period. No matter what financial position you are in, these tips should help you save some extra money!

Ways to keep your energy bill down:

What you can do in your day-to-day life:

  • Try to have a ‘no spend’ weekend per month. By consciously trying to not spend any money, it can make you more aware about how costs can add up and save you some money by doing so!
  • Try to cut out one treat per week. Not buying a coffee or other little items you may regularly purchase can help save money.
  • Utilise free activities! Take advantage of the nature surrounding us by going for walks and visiting free museums.
  • Take advantage of online discount checkers. Services such as Topcashback and Quidco scan the web for any deals currently running.
  • Sign up to the mailing list of brands you like to obtain promotional offers.
  • Review your Direct Debits to see if you have any unnecessary subscriptions which you could cancel.
  • Only pay for one streaming service at a time. Choosing between a service like Netlfix or Disney+ ensures you are making the most out of your money. Once you have watched everything you wanted from that streaming service, cancel it, and then move on to the next.
  • Stop potentially expensive habits such as smoking/vaping. It costs £4,841.20 on average per year (based on the average price per packet of 20 cigarettes with an individual smoking one packet a day).
  • Buy second-hand clothes. Not only is this better for your bank account but it also is better for the environment too!

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Written by,

Benjamin Kirkman

Marketing Officer