Prepare for retirement

We firmly believe in being there for our members throughout their career, into retirement and through the next chapter of their lives. We understand retiring is a huge life event and we are here to ensure your finances are always taken care of. If you are a serving Police Officer or Police Staff due to retire within the next six months, we need some details from you.

What changes when Police Officers retire?
The only change is we will have to switch you from saving (or repaying your loan) from payroll, and make deductions from your pension instead. You still have full access to all our great products and services, should you ever need them.

What changes when Police Staff retire?
When you retire, you will need to save (or repay your loan) through Direct Debit. We will send you a Direct Debit Instruction for you to complete when you get closer to your retirement date. Apart from this switch, nothing else changes. You will still have full access to all our products and services, should you ever need them.

We need a few details from you
To make an effortless transition from payroll to pension deduction, please complete the following form within six months of retirement. Once you’ve provided us with these details, leave the rest to us. Alternatively, you might prefer to give us a call on 0161 741 3160 and we will happily assist you.

*Please note: In some forces we are unable to transfer Police Officers from payroll to pension deduction, in which case you will need to contribute via Direct Debit instead. If you are currently contributing via Direct Debit, we don’t need to change anything.*

You must complete all information marked with an asterisk (*).