Account closure


We are sorry that you are thinking about leaving us.

If you would like to close your account, please complete the form below. Upon receipt of the closure form, we will send any remaining funds to your nominated account.

Please remember that if you decide to close your Credit Union account, you will no longer be eligible for a dividend payment which is usually paid each December. This is because dividend payments can only be paid into accounts which are active at the time of our Annual General Meeting. You will also no longer be eligible for:

  • Life Protection on your savings or loans
  • To apply for loans or mortgages
  • Family membership, you will need to be a member yourself to introduce family or junior members

You are welcome to rejoin the Credit Union at any time in the future providing you continue to work for the Police Family, are in receipt of a police pension, or you live at the same address of someone employed by the police.

We would like to thank you for your membership and we hope it has benefitted you.