Do you want some financial wellbeing tips and tricks?
And how about a FREE coffee and cake?

That's why we're calling our latest initiative, 'Coffee, Cake and CopperPot'.

As a Credit Union, we have three main aims:

  1. To encourage people to save
  2. To provide affordable lending
  3. To provide financial education

Coffee, Cake and CopperPot is just one of the many ways in which we're helping the Police Family with financial education. We're visiting stations to talk to Officers and staff about financial wellbeing and helping to build their financial resilience. Oh, and we're also handing out FREE coffee and cakes. What's not to love? We're also giving away our pens, sweets and air fresheners along with plenty of literature to help on the journey to financial wellness. And the best part, it's all completely FREE!

In the 2022 PFEW Pay and Morale survey, 69% of respondents reported worrying about the state of their finances 'every day' or 'almost every day'. 87% said that they feel worse off financially than they did 5 years ago. This is why we think it is more important that ever for members of the Police Family to open up and talk about their finances. There are many ways that we can help, from building financial resilience to helping manage outstanding borrowing, improving financial wellbeing and providing access to affordable and flexible credit, as an alternative high interest credit or payday loans.

Get in touch to book your visit!

If you would like us to come and visit your station, simply complete the form below and leave it to us. We'll sort the rest. We would say flick the kettle on, but we've got that covered too!

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