Employee Benefit


Are you in charge of well-being in your force, a Senior Officer, rep, trainer or simply a member keen to promote us? Please read on…

Everyone who works for the UK police force is eligible to join our Credit Union and use our services. We have partnerships with 28 police forces who offer payroll deduction for our members. By being one of our partnered forces, we encourage your members to start saving direct through payroll deduction. Saving for a rainy day is so important. It helps you to become financially secure and gives you a security net, should an unexpected cost arise. Payroll deduction makes saving and repaying loans/mortgages easier, as on each payday you can rest assured your repayments are already taken care of. 

It’s important to keep in mind that we’re different to other financial companies. When members save with us it doesn’t cost a thing, there are no fees or penalties to access your savings with us. This is because credit unions are created to encourage savings, providing members with financial stability.

If you’re a member, you probably know about most of the benefits of being part of your Credit Union. However if you’re not a member yet, here are some of our key benefits:

  • Easy access savings that can be withdrawn when needed.
  • You could earn your share of our annual surplus profits.
  • Save and borrow through payroll deduction, making saving and repaying simple.
  • Clear and fair loan rates, with application decisions based on affordability not credit score alone.
  • A range of mortgages are available with no application or arrangement fees.


Let’s chat…

Our marketing team can attend events, set up stands in police stations, deliver presentations during training days, and can keep you updated with our literature/emails to share – whatever suits you.

Looking to become a payroll partner and start payroll deduction in your force? Get in contact with us, we’re more than happy to discuss it!

You can complete the form below and we’ll be in contact to chat about how we can help, or, you can call us directly on 0161 741 3160 to get the ball rolling.