Smooth sailing with No1 CopperPot

I have found the service fantastic. From the point of signing up and to getting the loan agreed the process has been very straight forward and professional. The contact from yourself and the way you have handled my application has been excellent and I am very grateful.
Family Member
The process was very quick and simple! I applied for a loan over the weekend and it was processed the following working day! Kay dealt with my application, she was very friendly, efficient and informative! Would definitely recommend CopperPot! 👍
Police Staff
Greater Manchester Police
I have applied to various loan companies as the years have gone by to be turned away. The service with No1 CopperPot has been amazing from beginning to end, efficient and with professionalism. They looked at my circumstances, gave me a loan and I have been given a chance. I am extremely grateful. I would definitely recommend.
Police Staff
Metropolitan Police