Council Tax
In April 2019, many council tax bills increased by 5%. Did you know that over 400,000 people in the UK are overpaying on their council tax? If you are one of these people you could be entitled to a rebate going back years, in addition to a decreased rate going forward. Check out this MoneySavingExpert article to see how you can find out if you’re overpaying.

Energy grants and contributions
There are grants available to help improve the energy efficiency of your home, or even contribute towards paying your bills. This includes money towards loft insulation and boilers, in addition to winter fuel payments, sub-zero cold weather contributions and the Warm Home Discount scheme.
Check to see what’s available and if you’re eligible to receive a contribution by clicking here.

Save money on gas and electricity
It’s always worth shopping around to find the best deal for your gas and electricity. It can quite often save you money if you switch suppliers but it’s always worth using comparison websites to find the cheapest deal. It’s also worth considering setting up a monthly Direct Debit, as this alone could save you some money each year.

See if you could get a better deal by comparing on any one of the ofgem accredited price comparison sites.

Are you wasting water?
It is worth checking to make sure you’ve got the best deal on your water billing using an ofgem accredited site. Typically, there are two ways in which water usage is billed, and you could save money by switching. It is likely you are charged one of two ways, either on a fixed rate regardless of how much you use, or billed based on consumption through water meter readings. If there are more bedrooms than people in your house, it’s worth considering a water meter as you could save money.

It’s worthwhile to do your research and speak to your current water provider to discuss which option may be better for you. Two websites which may be helpful are United Utilities which offer different methods and tools to help save money in your home, and Citizens Advice which offer a breakdown of the different options available.

There are loads of different broadband packages and suppliers and it’s worth checking to see if your deal is right for you. When shopping for broadband, there are several things to consider such as connection type, speed and data usage. Once you’ve decided on the package that is right for you, that is the time to compare prices with different suppliers. Check out this guide to help you choose the right deal.