Police Mutual and No1 CopperPot are working together in order to pursue our joint mission of helping the Police Family financially.

Our Affiliate Member Loan allows you to borrow for a wide range of purposes. Common purposes which our members use this loan for are home improvements, car purchases and weddings. 

All loans are subject to affordability and our lending criteria.


✓ All applicants must be aged 18 or over and a UK resident.
✓ Only members of the Credit Union can obtain a loan (you can apply for membership with your loan application if necessary).

Interest Rates for the Affiliate Member Loan 

Amount borrowed APR
Under £4,999 12.89% APR
£5,000 – £9,999 7.9% APR
£10,000 – £19,999 6.9% APR
£20,000 – £35,000 7.9% APR

Key Product Information 

Loan terms and conditions can be found here and should be read prior to application. 

Interest charging information Interest rate fixed for the life of the loan. Interest accrues daily and is charged on a monthly basis.
Repayment information You can repay your loan by payroll deduction or Direct Debit.
Repayment period The maximum loan term is 96 months and must be repaid by your 70th birthday.
Amount of loan available You can borrow up to £35,000 using our Affiliate Member Loan.

You can only borrow a maximum of £35,000 across all unsecured lending with us, however this does not include the Commutation Loan.

Application/Arrangement Fee No application or arrangement fees apply.
Default Fees None.
Early settlement You can repay the loan at any time fully or partially without charge.
Other information This loan is not a regulated consumer credit product. This does not affect your Financial Ombudsman rights.

Loan Calculator

Affiliate Member Loan Calculator

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Please note: You must select an amount and term which you want to apply for to proceed with your loan application.