Celebrating 40,000 Members 🎉

No1 Copperpot are proud to announce that now, 40,000 members, confidently save using our bespoke saving products. Combining 3,000 junior accounts and 37,000 member accounts, we are the biggest Police exclusive Credit Union in the UK allowing us to continue shaping the way the Police family save for their futures.

Offering multiple savings options and utilising our member-centric focus, we are able to better tailor our services to Police needs. We look forward to many more years of sustainable saving and service to the Police family.

Our Aims


Encouraging people to save


To provide affordable borrowing


To provide financial education

Help Our Members

We strive to bring new and improved saving options to our members. Identifying what and how members feel about current and prospective savings products is crucial to how we can better develop our services to the needs of our members. We strongly believe that members of a Credit Union should get an explicit say in what products should be available to them and asking our members directly for their insight allows us to build a sustainable Credit Union for every single member.

Your answers to this survey will be anonymous and will not be shared or used externally.