We like to keep our members updated on everything going on at No1 CopperPot Credit Union, here you can find a round up of our news.


Cutting the cost: Why regular bill reviews are essential

    Even though inflation has decreased, prices are still rising, just more slowly. Most UK households are now facing bills that are 25% higher than they were two years ago. It’s more important than ever to regularly review your monthly expenses. From mobile phone contracts to energy bills, examining these costs and shopping around… Read more »

Taking the First Step: Overcoming Challenges in Homeownership

      Nationwide Building Society recently unveiled findings from their survey focusing on the experiences of first-time homebuyers. With over 1,000 respondents intending to purchase their first home within the next five years, the survey provided valuable insights into the obstacles faced during this journey. What do the numbers tell us?   The results highlighted… Read more »

Hidden fees of financial products, part 3

    To conclude our three-part series on revealing the hidden fees of financial products, this month we’re shifting our focus to the hidden fees of mortgages. The mortgage process can be daunting for many individuals due to the complex language involved. The following information aims to clarify some of the terms you may encounter… Read more »

Hidden fees of financial products, part 2

    Last month we looked at the hidden fees of bank accounts. Join us this month on the second part of our update as we uncover the hidden fees associated with credit cards. Credit card fees can vary significantly among financial institutions and even across different types of cards from the same company. To… Read more »

Hidden fees of financial products, part 1

    In the complex world of financial products, individuals can often find themselves trying to understand confusing terms and conditions and end up discovering different hidden fees. In this three-part series, our goal is to explain different fees associated with various financial products, giving you some additional knowledge to make informed decisions.   This… Read more »

Understanding credit scores

  What is a Credit Score? Soft vs hard credit checks How to check your Credit Score How to potentially improve your Credit Score What have we learnt? What is a credit score? A credit score is a number that reflects a person’s creditworthiness, and it is something that many lenders take into consideration when… Read more »

Credit unions and banks

  In this edition of Let’s Talk About Money, we are looking at the credit unions’ roots and exploring who we are, why we exist, and the main differences you can expect from traditional banking institutions.   Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear winner when it comes to comparing credit unions and banks. Both have their… Read more »

Exploring Cryptocurrency

    Subscribe to our monthly “Let’s talk about money” newsletters here!    From its conception in 2009, Cryptocurrency has seemingly stuck around far longer than some people anticipated and awareness of it has risen in recent years. The market capitalisation of Cryptocurrency has seen a huge increase in the past ten years, from $1bn… Read more »