How we could help with your financial well-being…


Well-being consists of physical, mental, emotional and social factors. “42% of people in the UK have experienced stress or anxiety due to financial difficulties” (Money Net). It has been found that financial difficulties can have a negative effect on well-being. Here at No1 CopperPot Credit Union, we encourage our members to save regularly in order to improve their financial stability, in the hope they won’t experience financial stress.

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Rainy day savings can help fund an unexpected bill or cost that may arise (such as the need for a new boiler), rather than turning to a high interest credit card or loan. It’s also a great way to ease the stress of funding events such as Christmas!

With our Member Account, simply save a minimum of £5 a month via payroll deduction (available in 27 forces). The Member Account is an easy access savings account that could earn a dividend every year! In December 2018, we paid our members 1.5%.


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