Wouldn’t it be great if we could predict the future?


Saving money regularly can help provide financial security for the future. You can use these savings in case of an emergency, or even for a two-week holiday in the Caribbean! To help you save with ease we offer payroll deduction*.

So, what are you saving for?
How long it will take you and how much do you need to save each month?

Have a look at our budgeting guide below to give you an idea of some savings milestones.

If you saved…Year 1Year 3Year 5
£10 per month £120£360£600
£30 per month £360£1,080£1,800
£100 per month £1,200£3,600£6,000
£250 per month £3,000£9,000£15,000
+ Earn an annual dividend 


Did you know that the average family spend was £719 this Christmas! If you were to start saving £70 a month from February, by the end of November you would have just about covered the cost!


Exclusively for you!

We offer easy access savings accounts exclusively for the Police Family, that are completely free to open. You save into your account each month, between £5-£1,000, and as we’re not-for-profit, we reward our members with an annual dividend. In 2018 and 2019, we paid 1.5%!


To make things easier you can access your account online to keep an eye on your money, change how much you want to save, or apply for other products. You can setup accounts for Family Members or save for a Junior and withdraw your savings, with no fees or charges, and we’ll pay the money into your nominated bank account within 3 working days. It’s as easy as that!

Do you want to start saving?

You can join your Credit Union today. It’s completely free to join, you can save through payroll deduction* and withdraw your savings as and when you need them. You can also apply for our great range of loans and mortgages as soon as you join!


*Payroll deduction available in 28 Police Forces. The forces where we do not offer payroll deduction can pay in via Direct Debit.