For costs that keep on coming around…


We have recently relaunched our Revolving Credit to give our members a flexible borrowing facility. It is designed to allow you to borrow funds as and when you need them, up to an approved limit. As you make repayments and reduce your balance, you have the option to keep withdrawing extra funds up to your pre-approved limit.

Revolving Credit in three easy steps…

  1. Apply for a limit of up to £5,000. Depending on the limit you choose, there is a set minimum amount you will repay each month.
  2. Withdraw funds as frequently as you wish, as long as you don’t exceed your agreed limit.
  3. You only pay interest if a balance is outstanding. If you don’t have an outstanding balance, your monthly payments will be deposited into your Member Account – helping to build up your savings!

With a fixed interest rate of 12.68%, you could use it as an alternative to a credit card. If you find yourself short of cash or facing an unexpected bill, Revolving Credit account could help!

At No1 CopperPot we listen to the feedback from our members and aim to tailor our products to meet your needs. We are here to help our members in the best way we can. We understand not everybody needs a loan, but a bit of extra cash could go a long way if unexpected costs arise.


Click here to read more about Revolving Credit.


All loans are subject to affordability and our lending criteria.