2017 Dividend Announcement


We are happy to announce our 2017 dividend rates.

Member Account – 1.25%

Junior Account – 1.25%

Notice Plus Account – 1.75% 

Our performance is a balance of providing competitive lending rates on our loans and a stable healthy return on savings. We are pleased to say we have been able to achieve this during the year.

We have put together the key highlights of this year as announced by our Chief Executive Officer, Caroline Domanski.

  • Lending exceeded £80 million for the first time and a healthy rise in membership growth.
  • We have made a record of 6,000 loan advances.
  • Member shares have grown to £113.8 million (2016 – £111.1 million).

This is what our CEO had to say about the outlook for 2018. “We remain true to our core values and committed to providing services exclusively to the police family. Our strategy is to continue to provide clear, simple and valued products to our members. Further investment in technology is necessary and inevitable to ensure our efficiencies and service levels. However, it is our people that make the most difference to the lives of our members.”

“I am heartened by the continual loyalty shown by our members and trust that our results, strengthening of capital and dividends returned are pleasing to members.”