How are your resolutions going?


As we say goodbye to January 2017, now is a good time to reflect on the progress of your New Year’s resolutions. Have you promised yourself that you will achieve a particular financial goal in 2017, such as building your savings, or even buying a new car? Are you one step closer to achieving your goal or has it already become a distant memory?

Make pay day a save day

With January payday being an important one for many, lots of people are sighing with relief. However with a small change in how you deal with your money, you may be able to build a rainy day savings pot to dip in to when necessary. You could turn pay days into save days so that you’re never in a situation where you’re counting down the days until your salary hits your bank account.

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Financing your goals

If one of your goals in 2017 requires money to fund it, we may be able to help you. Many members borrow from No1 CopperPot Credit Union, as we lend for a variety of reasons ranging from buying a new car, to funding a wedding. We ensure each and every loan is affordable to you, our members.  When you borrow from us we focus on affordability, not just your credit score. We ensure you can afford the repayments, whilst still putting some money aside. Why not see if we could help you achieve one of your goals this year?

All loans are subject to affordability and our lending criteria.

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