It’s International Credit Union (ICU) Day!

International Credit Union Day is a time to celebrate credit unions from all around the world, and to celebrate the people who work within the credit union movement. Without these people the financial world would not be the same. By having credit unions, we give people other choices of where to save their money, or where to borrow from.

ICU_Day_Hi_Res_logo_editThe World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) explains the why ICU day is so important by saying “the ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the great work that credit unions are doing around the world and give members the opportunity to get more involved.”

No1 CopperPot Credit Union, alongside all other credit unions, work day in and day out to spread the message of what credit unions have to offer, and why they are so important. Every credit union does their bit to spread the word about the credit union movement, whether it’s through presentations, leaflets or online. Together we teach more and more people about what we all offer. The ethos and values of credit unions are something that we are proud of, and something we like to shout about. As we are a co-operative, caring for members is always our number one priority because we put service above profits.

Credit unions work together to help each other. The credit union movement is about educating the wider community about what credit unions have to offer, how we work and how we can help. No1 CopperPot Credit Union is proud to be a part of the movement and we will continue our part in educating people, and using our resources to give help to other credit unions. Happy ICU Day!