Why borrow from a credit union?

When people need to borrow money, they usually have a few different options available to them. Borrowing can be from banks, building societies, credit cards or even payday lenders. We want to shine a light on why your Credit Union is a great option for your borrowing needs. 

First and foremost, when members borrow from our credit union all members ultimately benefit as the interest from the loan goes towards the profits and so goes towards the dividend each year.


Borrow for a range of purposes

As we are member owned, we are committed to offering ethical lending for a range of purposes. Whether you need a small amount of money until payday, or you need to borrow a large sum of money for home renovations, No1 CopperPot Credit Union allows you to borrow for a range of needs.

You can borrow up to £25,000 maximum across all unsecured lending with us, allowing you to fund your next vehicle, home extension, or even a holiday – whatever you need the funds for.


Flexible lending

When it comes to loans we always try and be as flexible as possible. As well as choosing the amount you wish to borrow, and choosing the term that suits you, you can choose to repay your loan early.

You can repay your loans as early as you wish, either in full or by overpaying each month. The sooner you repay any loan with us the more money you save in interest. We’re not going to penalise you for repaying your loans early.


Tailored products

We create products to suit our member’s needs, so in our case we offer Police related loans for every stage of the Police employment lifecycle and after. We offer a Student Officer Loan to Police Officers at the start of their career, and a Commutation Loan to those at the end of their careers who are due to retire. For when our tailored loans don’t apply, our most popular Member Loan allows you to apply for £25,000 at any time up to age 70.

We continually review our product range to meet our member’s ever changing needs. You can read more about the range of loans we offer by visiting our loans page here.



All loans are subject to affordability and our lending criteria.