Saving with us just got better…


Recently, we issued a survey to identify your wants and needs when it comes to savings accounts. This was to assist us in understanding if there are any products we could offer or changes we could make to better suit our members.

You spoke, we listened, and we’ve already begun to make some changes. This blog is a quick summary of recent changes to hopefully enhance your saving experience with us.


What’s changed?

No1 CopperPot Credit Union are committed to helping members save. Especially in today’s financial climate, and we wanted to make saving with us even more flexible.


You can save additional funds!

We’re providing members with the flexibility to top up their savings when they have more available funds, helping them to achieve their savings goals. You can now pay extra into your saving accounts by calling us on 0161 741 3160 with your debit card handy. Please note you can hold up to £40,000 with us across all your savings accounts with us.


Our Notice Plus Account is back!

We have relaunched our Notice Plus Account! Savers can benefit from this account by giving us 90 days’ notice to withdraw funds, and in return can earn at least a 0.5% premium on our annual dividend rate compared to the Member Account.

To summarise, here are a few of features of our Notice Plus Account…

  • You must give 90+ days’ notice on account withdrawals.
  • You can choose whether to save monthly or on an Ad hoc basis.
  • There is no limit to what you can transfer into the account (maximum savings across all accounts is £40,000).

Should you need to withdraw money without providing 90 days’ notice, you will lose 90 days’ worth of dividend on the amount withdrawn, at the previous year’s dividend rate.

Read more about our Notice Plus Account here.


We’ve changed how we pay interest!

Our Reserve Account is an interest-bearing savings account that members are welcome to open in addition to their Member Account. This account is great for members who like to know the rate of return upfront. It also allows members to have money in two places, potentially giving each account a different purpose.

This account has recently changed from paying a return on members savings on a quarterly basis to monthly. Accounts that compound interest monthly grow faster than those that compound quarterly, because your interest starts earning interest sooner.

Read about our Reserve Account here.


Savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to £85,000.