How to avoid buying unnecessary Christmas presents…

Christmas is a time to spend precious moments with family members and celebrate with delicious food. So, why do we get so caught up trying to afford presents for people, who we very rarely see?

Christmas has started to revolve around gift buying for everyone we know; the cousin you see once a year, your friends’ sisters’ child you see twice every three years… it’s taking the fun out of the festive period! For people experiencing financial strain, having to buy so many gifts can make what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, the most stressful. If you, your friends and your family were to come to an agreement to stop buying unnecessary presents, no one would feel obliged to spend money on an item that could go to waste. You could even just limit the amount you spend. The money you all would save could be spent on something more essential!

Martin Lewis has generated lots of conversation about the true meaning of Christmas and has raised awareness of the financial strain Christmas can cause. He is campaigning to put a stop to unnecessary gift buying, to help people save money and buy more essential items. As well as people spending their money more wisely, it will reduce the worry and stress of feeling like they must buy so many presents.

Watch it for yourself…

Martin has introduced the “Pre-NUPP” (No Unnecessary Present Pact), which encourages people to stop wasting money on gifts that aren’t needed, which cause extra financial pressure. Instead, people can agree to not buy gifts. You can send this Pre-NUPP in an email to your friends and family members you think would benefit from the agreement.

Read Martins Pre-NUPP here:

Nobody wants to be stressed at Christmas, especially when it should be about family, festivities and making memories. Now give the Pre-NUPP a go and celebrate Christmas how it should be celebrated!