As you know, we like to help as many of our members as possible and recently, we are helping more members than ever!

In May 2016 alone, we approved 566 of our member’s loan and mortgage applications, which equates to a total of almost £3million!


Just over £1million of our total lending in May was for consolidation purposes.

We have found that many of our members have major monthly outgoings in the form of loan/credit card repayments.

We can help our members to manage their finances by consolidating their existing borrowing into one monthly payment.

Consolidating your borrowing may free up disposable income, as your single monthly payment to us may be less than the amount you are currently paying to your existing lenders.

We pride ourselves on our ethical practice and providing excellent service.

Every single member we speak to following their loan approval provides us with positive feedback and this motivates us to continue with our personalised and friendly service.

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All loans are subject to affordability and our lending criteria.