We want to encourage as many people as possible to open up about their finances and speak up about their financial situation. Whether your finances are looking good or have seen better days, we are here to lend an ear and help the Police Family.

What we aim to achieve

We aim to improve the financial wellbeing of members of the Police Family, here’s how we plan to do it:

  • Provide financial education and share tips on how to manage money
  • Provide financial solutions through our product range
  • Create opportunities for members of the Police Family to open up and talk about money

Help us help your colleagues

If your force could benefit from improved financial wellbeing, we would love to help!

Here’s what we can do to help share useful information & create opportunities for your colleagues to talk about money:

  • Attend events or host drop in sessions at your station
  • Deliver presentations (either in person or virtually)
  • Send informative emails for you to share with your colleagues
  • Post leaflets & posters for you to distribute at your station
  • Create informative visuals & articles for your forces magazine, newsletter or intranet

If you have any other methods you think that your force would benefit from, don’t be shy! Get in touch and let us know how we can help you talk about money.

There are so many different financial topics that we think are important to understand so we have listed a few below to give you an idea.

We think all aspects of your finances are important, so we created a financial wellbeing area for anyone to view. Whether you’re looking for savings tips, advice on borrowing or getting comfortable with financial lingo, we have what you’re looking for. You can find our financial wellbeing page here.

Understanding the Police Family’s financial situations

As part of our campaign, we need to ensure we understand the needs of the Police family when it comes to their finances. The 2020 Pay and Morale survey 2020 by the Police Federation highlighted the struggles that the Police go through on a daily basis from their point of view. We want to help improve the Police’s financial journeys and aim to do this by giving them the opportunity to access information that will help them improve their financial wellbeing.

Meet the team!

Familiarise yourselves with our faces as you will hopefully be seeing a lot of us, either virtually or in person!


To help us start the talk about money, you can either contact us by calling 0161 741 3160 or emailing marketing@no1copperpot.com. We will be in touch to discuss how we can work to help the Police Family financially together!