Faye Day at No1 CopperPot

We are holding a company charity day to raise money for The Faye Mooney Legacy Fund.

Faye Mooney was an Aid Worker working as a Communications Specialist for the aid charity, Mercy Cops in Nigeria before she was killed in a gun attack. Faye had worked in Kurdistan and North Eastern Iraq where she designed courses to encourage tolerance and equality and then went on to lead a project to build peace and co-operation through Serbia. Faye left a positive impact on many people she met along her life including a teacher and pupils who described her as things like “brave”, “kind”, “loving” and “strong”. They have also nominated a day based on kindness and helpfulness called “Faye Day”.

The charity we’re raising money for aims to “create educational and other resources to support conflict resolution and peacekeeping”. We are holding a day with the sole aim of raising money for this cause. We are dressing up in the colours of the Nigerian flag (green and white) and we’ll be hosting a raffle to raise as much money as we can! Faye grew up in South Manchester and as a lot of our staff are from around the area, we felt we needed to do what we could as a business to help. Stacey, a Customer Service Officer in our office, is an ex volunteer at South Manchester Credit Union where she met Faye’s dad. Stacey felt passionate about raising money and awareness for the Faye Mooney Legacy Fund and inspired our African themed day!