Happy Retirement Brian Voss!


After 30 years of service to the Police Force one of our lovely members, Brian Voss, has decided his time has come to retire. Brian has been a member with us since 1996, back when we were called CopperPot Credit Union and we are privileged to have been with him through his career! Upon retirement, Brian published a summary of his time within the Police and some advice he would give to anyone joining in the future. We were honoured that Brian found membership with us so worthwhile that we wanted to share that knowledge with others. We’re pleased he gave us permission to publish his words as we thought it was a lovely summary of his career and wanted to share it with our members.


What Brian had to say…

“Well, it’s finally time to hang up my truncheon. My 30yrs has flown by. I’ve worked with some amazing people. I continue to work with amazing people. You’re all brilliant. Despite what some say you do incredible things every single day. You inspire me. I’ve done some stuff I’d rather not and probably a few things I shouldn’t have! When I joined, I didn’t really think about the end, I just signed some forms. My advice is pay into the pension, save with PMAS & CopperPot. You’ll be glad you did. Make memories, live your dreams. I’m still looking for another Aston! It’s time for me to go. Show me 5/8. Show me 10/10 & take me off the board. Thank you for putting up with me.”


We wish Brian all the best with his well-deserved retirement and we are flattered he felt the need to mention us in his goodbye message. Good luck Brian and thank you for your continued loyalty!