Have an eggs-tra special Easter!


We would like to update you on our Easter opening times this weekend. Our office will be closed Friday 19th – Monday 22nd and we will be open as usual on Tuesday 23rd at 8am. Our website will be fully accessible over the weekend, if you require anything online.

Whilst the children and grandchildren are searching for the Easter eggs you have hidden so well, why not open a Junior Account with your Credit Union?

Let us remind you of the benefits…

  • We kick start the junior’s savings with £5 from us
  • Saving is flexible, meaning you can choose to save monthly, annually or simply when you feel like it (birthdays, Christmas)
  • Your savings are easily accessible
  • Earn an annual dividend (in 2018 we paid 1.5%!)
  • Save up to a maximum of £10,000

When your family joins our family, they get all of the Credit Union perks for life. This includes being eligible to apply for our loans and mortgages when they turn 18. At No1 CopperPot, we don’t base our lending decisions on credit score alone, our decisions are based on affordability and our lending criteria. This is something that could help your juniors when they get older and need their own financial products or are looking to get onto the property ladder.


We hope you and your family have an eggcellent Easter weekend!


All loans are subject to affordability and our lending criteria.